The Midsummer Special!

Some of you may have already noticed this, but i’m gonna post it anyways 😀

The epic SIX HOUR special of Munted! Monthly! coming up next weekend, and special it is indeed.

First off, we welcome back the two legends (As voted by you):
Plasmadancer and Substanced!

Secondly, we welcome to the Munted! Monthly! Arena, for their debuts:
Le Dos-on and Betwixt & Between.

Thirdly, give it up for the residents, organisers, managers and just plain legendary:
Dyzphazia and Midas!

A veritable feast of eclectic higher tempo music, we’re practically turning Japanese this episode!!

Set times **UK TIME**:
Le Dos-On 10-11,
Dyzphazia 11-12,
Substanced 12-1,
Midas 1-2,
Plasmadancer 2-3,
Betwixt & Between 3-4.


The Second Collapse…

So, some of you may have noticed that Substanced is putting out another multitrack release?


Some sick remixes on here for sure… Defo keep your eyes peeled for the release!

The Second Collapse

Moar Bass!

So, another episode of Substanced’s Drum and Bass podcast has gone up.

DJ Rx has pulled off something quite amazing here – awesome set, very highly recommended!


Well guys, the next episode is upon us!


The set times for the evening are as follows (in UK time):

DJ Cotts 10pm-11pm 

DJ Midas 11pm-12am

Genki 12am-1am

Dyzphazia 1am-Finish


Hope to see you all there, be sure to get in the chatroom wherever possible for hilarious shenanigans as usual! 🙂

Dyzphazia Recommends….

Now I know Drum and Bass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It is for me, however. Certain subgenres of Drum and Bass have really caught my attention over the past year or so.

Specifically Neurofunk. I adore it! It’s like the Drum and Bass equivalent of Freeform.

If you love interesting Drum and Bass or would like to familiarise yourself with the better side of Breakbeats and dirty basslines, I would recommend: